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Sika Water Proofing System is All-in-one Solutions

When you construct a commercial or residential building, waterproofing is a critical need for safety and long-lasting of the structure. Water seepage causes a hazardous impact on the stability and strength of the building. It makes the basic structure weak and forms cracks on the surface.  Not only the water leakage affects the aesthetic value of the building due to black fungi and mould, but there is an increased risk of electrical accidents as well.

Jaichittra Inc. is a preferred name for world-class water proofing chemicals that bring 100% safety against water leakage. The cutting-edge products offered by us are ideal for all types of commercial, industrial, and residential structures. The company assures supreme quality water proofing material fills the gaps and heals the cracks. We make sure that waterproofing products offered are made from the high-standard synthetic material that fulfills industrial quality norms.  The products offered by them are useful in construction and maintenance requirements of waterproofing in new as well as old building structures. With state-of-the-art waterproofing solutions; we are a preferred name for newly constructed as well as renovation projects.

It is important that water proofing chemicals are adaptive and flexible enough for a versatile and long-lasting performance.  Our top-notch vendors do not compromise on quality parameters so that our clients get products with supreme standards.  Have a look at the long list of waterproofing solutions that are suitable for all types of water seepage or leakage problems. Our products are economical, long-lasting, easy to install and versatile. They can be used on a variety of surfaces like concrete, bricks, and synthetic surfaces.

Why do you need waterproofing?

It is a well-known fact that water seepage is the biggest threat for a construction. When water goes deeper into the concrete, it triggers corrosion of mortar iron rods.   Overexposure leads to cracks on the surface. High-quality water proofing material saves the construction by creating a thin layer that makes the seepage impossible.  New-age water proofing chemicals bring excellent protection and increase the life of the construction. Jaichittra Inc. offers a long array of products for a variety of commercial and household needs.  They are fit for interior and exterior waterproofing of buildings.

Where can we use water proofing chemicals?
They are ideal for all types of surfaces. Due to low wastage and long life, they are highly cost-effective.  Modern chemicals are versatile products that can be used for screed and wall render applications internally as well as externally. You can coat, decorate and over plaster it in basements, sumps, terraces, and toilets. They are also ideal for waterproofing of swimming pools and overhead tanks. Modern housing societies have sunshades and landscapes with waterproofing needs. High-quality water proofing chemicals make it possible in an economical manner.  It enhances the mechanical property of the surfaces like tensile, compression, impact strength and adhesion. You have highly water-resistant surfaces with a superb finish.

Our versatile chemicals can be used as:
  • Waterproofing substance
  • Repair mortar for making the concrete corrosion resistant
  • As an additive substance for cement paints so that you get a long-lasting, waterproof exterior finish

We have top-quality products that give not only excellent protection against water seepage or leakage but make the surface UV resistant also. The exterior and interior walls remain safe from microorganisms and fungal infection. They are harmless for human beings, eco-friendly, and non-flammable and have effective anti-aging properties. The construction retains charm and finish year after years. Our products are highly effective in humid areas.  With a wide range of water proofing chemicals, make sure that your building remains unaffected from water seepage and leakage!

Features of Polycarbonate Sheets:
  • Low wastage
  • For brick, concrete and stone substrates
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Wall render and screed application
  • Can be overplastered, coated and decorated
Application of Water Proofing
  • Sumps
  • Overhead tank
  • Basement
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • Landscape
  • Toilets
  • Sunshades

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