shera wood planks

shera wood planks

As the costs of construction increase, everyone looks for low-cost and high-quality substitutes of conventional building material.  Shera Wood is an ideal synthetic wood like substance that is not inferior to the natural wood in terms of durability, strength, and flexibility. It is made from top-quality silicate and natural fibers. Since it is tough, stubborn, and weather-resistant, new-age architects recommend it for a variety of interior and exterior usage. In modern housing, it is widely used for roofing, flooring partitioning, and side ceilings. It gels well with every style and theme. Experts say that Shera wood planks in Chennai have become incredibly popular for substituting wooden decking. Architects prefer it to offer economic, yet a stylish option to the clients.

Why is Shera Wood the best for you?

Wood is a widely used construction material due to the immense possibilities of creativity and imagination. However, shortage of good-quality wood and excessive construction norms force people to search for man-made material that gives the finish of wood by spending less. It makes Shera Wood Chennai a brilliant option because it is available in a plenty of profiles so that interior designers can use their creativity and imagination up to the maximum extent.  It is important that the substance used for the interior is termite-proof, fire-resistant and sustain against humidity and moisture. Shera Wood has all the properties mentioned above, and that is the reason it is one of the widely used substances in the modern building construction work.

Suppliers offer shera wood planks in Chennai that looks exactly similar to the natural wood. Jaichittra Inc. is a well-known name for all types of building material with supreme quality and finish. We have a wide range of Shera Wood panels in different dimensions and thickness. These panels are ideal for internal and external use. Our eco-friendly panels do not contain Asbestos, which is harmful for the environment. You have a large spectrum of overlapping, grooved, and several other patterns to ignite your ideas for creating masterpieces. Our panels are quick and easy to install.  Each panel passes through stringent quality norms so that you get 10% flawless and error-free material.

>Amazing features of Shera Wood panels offered by us:

  • Excellent resistance to water and fire
  • Sound and thermal insulation
  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Asbestos-free
  • Termite-proof
  • Great workability and a variety of applications

Shera wood planks in Chennai can be used for covering gates and walls. It is ideal for all types of elevations like front or wall.  You can find a plethora of design types like Teak, Cassia, Straight Grain and many more. Since it is the perfect composite of high-grade silicate and natural fibers, it has a great workability. It is bendable and can be used for creating curves and rounded designs.  Your home is cool, comfy, and stylish with primed plank boards that can be optionally coated using any acrylic paint.  Get rid of the old-fashioned interiors and enter the amazing world of Shera Wood Chennai!

Framing and fixing Shera Wood planks is quite easy and fast. They can be fixed on timber or steel frames. However, it is important to choose the right type of frame to achieve good strength and stability. Fixing is same as wooden boards. Use nails or screws to fasten them. The thickness of the screw or nail depends on the gauge of frames. Pre-drilling is recommended if you are not using self-embedding and drilling head screws. It doesn’t need specialized tools or skills to install these boards. Modern Shera Wood brings a unique charm to your interior or exterior design.

Features of Shera Plank
  • Sound Insulation, Not Brittle, Low Shrinkage
  • Weather resistance , Immune to water damage, Fire resistance
  • Termite resistance, High workability, Non-Asbestos
Application of Shera Plank
  • front Elevation
  • Gate covering
  • Elevation façade
  • wall cladding
Design Types
  • Teak
  • Straight grain
  • Cassia
Specifications :

Length : 3000mm
Width : 150mm
Thickness : 8mm
Weight : 5.40kg
Sqr mtr : 2.67

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