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Shera Board, the unbeatable substitute to wood

Do you think versatile and varied applications of Shera Wood are popular in the western countries? No, they gain immense popularity in India as well. You can find a lot of buildings and commercial places using Shera in Bangalore and other big cities. Jaichittra Inc., brings a wide spectrum of Shera products for interior and exterior use. It is easy to use, reasonably priced and highly durable.

Builders and architects make creative and innovative use of it in a variety of applications. Use Shera in Coimbatore becomes is quite famous due to its durability and chic. Why do people find it perfect for indoor and outdoor? The answer is quite simple; Shera Wood is fancy, incredibly beautiful and long lasting. Since it is a cement composite cellulose fiber, you get the best weather resistance and fire protection. It is an asbestos-free product with high workability and strength. You can use it for front elevation, front and backyard fencing, and many other applications.

Why is it the first choice of modern engineers?

Modern architects and engineers want to experiment and test new-age material. They want to challenge the age-old concepts of construction engineering. No wonder, Shera in Bangalore is considered as the wall board with a difference. It adds value to the aesthetics, and low-maintenance and high coverage makes it highly feasible and affordable material. Use surface textured boards for eye-catching patterns on the external or internal surfaces. Termite resistance of Shera Boards makes them ideal for garden fencing and other outdoor applications.

It is a groundbreaking product

Shera in Coimbatore is becoming popular due to versatility and multipurpose usage. It is an environmental friendly product developed based on the perfect understanding of modern construction needs. It is the best substitute for natural wood and contributes greatly to ecological balance and the Green movement. With an identical finish and texture, it is suitable for heritage, contemporary and modern styles of residential and commercial buildings. Shera wood panels can be fixed directly or using the steel or synthetic frames.

The product has been developed after a thorough research and development, and it has a wide distribution network and dealer support. Shera Wood has been developed to offer the economical and identical substitute to expensive wood. No wonder it has become the most sought material today. Jaichittra Inc., is the apt choice for different types of panels that fulfill the flooring, ceiling, partitioning, and siding needs of modern buildings. It offers superb customer service and after-sales support.


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