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Onduline Roofing Sheets

Roofing Sheet That Makes Life Safer

New-age roofing sheets are ideal for low-cost and high-efficiency construction. Modern designers and architects prefer them due to easy availability and quick installation. You can find several brands of good quality sheets at reputed roofing sheet dealers in Chennai.  They have been tested for productivity and sustainability by several architectural and engineering firms worldwide. Results show that the modern roofing sheets are long-lasting, sturdy and consistent in performance. They are popular across the world, and the performance so far has been highly satisfying in a variety of climatic conditions. They are made from natural filaments and bitumen resulting in high degree of thermal insulation and impact resistance.

When you think about the best roofing sheet dealers in Chennai, then Jaichittra Inc is the one-window solution for fantastic quality roofing sheets that are chic and user-friendly. The material offered by them is the best in the category, and their customer service is just unmatched. You get complete technical details and installation procedure. Each of your queries gets resolved with utmost importance and seriousness.  

Why are roofing sheets so popular?

Roofing sheets are popular across the globe because they have strength and style. The unmatched quality and productivity make them immensely profitable. With 100 percent waterproofing quality, they can safeguard the structure and interior of your house or commercial building. Fast colors and chemical treatment make them fungi and mould resistant. They are flexible, versatile, and multipurpose. The sheets are made from carcinogenic-free substances. Hence, they are safe for all. Organic fibers make heat-resistant and stain-proof.  Hence, architects or designers use them in the modern style of houses.  The sheets are popular because:

  • They offer thermal insulation
  • Total security from water leakage
  • Modern roofing sheets absorb the noise of rains up to a large extent
  • They are sustainable against winds
  • Green (eco-friendly)
  • Lightweight

The purpose of roofing sheets is not just to protect your building and people, but they add a great aesthetic value to your assets. Since they can withstand different climatic conditions, these sheets bring cost-effectiveness and economy.  A good roof should offer 100% waterproofing and roof sheets completely fulfill that criteria. Attractive and long-lasting colors make them a stylish building material.

Good quality manufacturers produce each sheet just perfect

When you order roofing sheets from Roofing sheets manufacturers in Chennai, it is guaranteed that each item is flawless. The manufacturing process is fully automated, and the quality control managers do not pass a single sheet if there is slightest of deviation from standards. Hence, buyers get total satisfaction and long service. Giving order for roofing sheets is incredibly easy.  Either buyer can go to the conventional brick-and-mortar shops or offer online shopping browse through the Internet. All roofing sheet dealers in Chennai have fully-functional websites where buyers can register their order.  A wide range of products with beautiful colors and textures are displayed there with full technical specifications.

Modern roofing sheets become an integral part of modern homes and commercial buildings. They are ideal for all types of establishments due to great absorbency value and insulation. There is no problem or rust and corrosion, and these sheets remain flexible for the lifetime. With a weight of 6 to 8 kilograms for a sheet of 2 square meters, they do not put a load on the building structure. There is no need of maintenance. The sheets do not accumulate debris and dust. Hence, they can be cleaned easily using a water jet.  They make the homes smart, sleek and comfy. Add a great aesthetic value to your building with stylish sheets!

Features of Roofing Sheet
  • Light weight
  • Water proofing
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Reduces heat
  • High wind resistance
  • Eco- friendly
Application of Roofing Sheet
  • Extensions
  • Residence
  • Industrial
Specifications :

Area Per Sheet : 1.9sq mtr
Length : 2000mm
Width : 950mm
Weight: : 6.4kg(3.3 kg/sq.mtr)
Thickness: : 3mm
Color : Red, Green, Brown & Black.

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