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Silicon Sealant Widely Appreciated For Its Quality

If you are searching for an all-purpose sealant that not only stops irritating water leakage but offer excellent thermal insulation by sealing gaps and cracks, then there is nothing better than polyurethane sealant. It is an effective solution for construction and maintenance needs in the household and industrial environment. It extends the life of construction by offering an excellent shield against heat and water.  There is a big range of silicon sealants available in the market. The high-end products are costly, but they offer long-term service with supreme quality.

Where can you apply polyurethane sealant?

  • All types of glass and metal cladding.
  • Roofing, masonry joints, all types of plumbing needs.
  • Sealing shelters, prefabricated structures, clean rooms.
  • UPVC profile.
  • Steel, aluminum, GI or SS sheets.
  • Other porous surfaces like concrete, wood, stones, synthetic surfaces, PVC surfaces, etc.

It is important that you buy excellent quality sealants from reputed vendors like Jaichittra Inc. It has acquired high acclaim for the supply of leading brands from a long list of cliental. It fulfills the needs of widespread market needs with a diversified menu of sealants.  It keeps a close eye on quality parameters so that the clients get a lifelong service from the ultimate quality material. Customer delight is the one-point motto of Jaichittra Inc.

Typically, it is a fast and reliable sealant that is low modulus and quick curing properties. The seal is like rubber and it has high elasticity and adhesive properties. Are you looking for a sealant for exterior applications? Don’t worry; polyurethane sealant is ideal for all types of interior and exterior sealing requirements.  Since it is highly UV-resistant, you don’t need to rush for re-sealing of exterior surfaces repeatedly.  Studies have been carried out to check its durability against extreme temperature variations and exposure to chemicals or humidity. The results have been incredibly motivating. The Sealant has sustained all types of practical adversities and proved to be the best

What makes polyurethane sealant different?
These sealants cure all types of leakage with high-bonding adhesive properties at room temperature. The sealant is made from the high-quality, tough material. As soon as it comes in contact with the atmosphere, the curing process starts. After curing, it offers great resistance to temperature variation, water, and chemicals. It gives a long-lasting service and cost-effectiveness. 
When people are in need for a world-class sealant in a variety of industries like automotive, building constructions, electronics, and computers, Polyurethane Sealant is inevitable. Since it has a fantastic temperature tolerance (practically it can sustain in the temperature range of -40 to 200 degrees Celsius), users can be rest assured of sealing quality in heating or cooling chambers. It remains unaffected with water and also offers resistance to mild acids, alkalis, and chemicals. Its capability of resisting humid environment makes it an ideal sealant in areas like seashore or ice factories and cold storages.

  • It gets strong bonding with a variety of material. You can use it on all types of concrete surfaces, wood, metal, glass, painted surfaces, and synthetic flooring or walls. Easy application and the minimum waste make it incredibly economical.
  • You do not need a highly skilled workforce to apply it. Average skilled or unskilled workforce needs a little training before applying.
  • It doesn’t release harmful toxins while applying. There is a minimal release of organic compounds during the drying and setting processes. However, the quantity is minimal.
  • It brings great sealing while applied on glass and glass, metal and glass, metal and metal, freights and containers, hose pipes, water supplies, hosing windows, etc.
  • Polyurethane sealant is the most popular sealants. Hence, rework is quite easy.
Features of Silicon Sealant
  • Extremely strong bonding to reflective glass coatings, glass, anodized aluminum and most paints.
  • Long work life reducing waste and easing assembly.
Application of Silicon Sealant
  • Glass to glass
  • Hosing window
  • Glass to metal
  • Freight container
Types of Silicon Sealant
  • ULTRA GLAZE – SSG – 4400
  • WINSIL 20
  • ULTRAPRUF – 2903
  • WINSIL-10

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