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Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet Is Considered the Most Perfect Roofing Solution

Modern houses, commercial buildings and industrial construction use lightweight and sturdy options instead of heavy building material. Modern technology brings a plethora of choices that are attractive, tough, yet cost-effective. For roofing, architects and construction engineers prefer polycarbonate sheets because they are ideal for all climatic conditions and offer long-lasting services. There are several polycarbonate sheet dealers in Bangalore that supply international–quality sheets in the whole country. The sheets are made from flexible, yet incredibly tough Polycarbonate that can sustain in all conditions. Not only for household usage, but they are useful in a commercial setup as well. Architects and designers use colorful sheets for aesthetic usage and decorative usage also.

Jaichittra Inc is one of the leading suppliers of polycarbonate sheet Bangalore that supply good-quality sheet in reasonable prices. Being a pioneering dealer, it guarantees the best material and a high-class service.  It supplies only superior-quality material of the well-known brands. Reasonable pricing is their assurance to the clients.

There are several options of polycarbonate sheets

At Jaichittra, we bring a long list of roofing options for our clients. Right from multi-wall polycarbonate sheets to compact polycarbonate sheets and from embossed sheets to corrugated polycarbonate sheets; you get several choices. Each sheet has unique characteristics and applications. We seek the requirement details from our clients before suggesting the right choice for them.  Color, thickness, and designs vary depending on the type of sheet ordered. We give the best possible suggestion if customers ask for. We stock material of the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturers Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India. Hence, availability is never an issue for us.

Qualities of polycarbonate sheets

These sheets are highly popular because they have certain great characteristics:

  • The sheets are ideal for roofing due to the excellent impact resistance and quick and easy installation.
  • Transparent sheets bring excellent daylight solution for areas of low brightness. Due to high-clarity and transparency, they pass the maximum light and ideal for homes and commercial buildings or offices.  The light quality is pleasant to the eyes because the sheets diffuse and disperse the light.
  • They are low combustible. Hence, ideal for commercial buildings, hotels, offices and, malls.
  • They can sustain temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. Hence, they are the best for outdoor usage.
The usages are unlimited

Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India produces sheets that are multipurpose and not limited to roofing only. They are ideal for constructing greenhouses, parking areas, shades, pathways, canopies, partitions, swimming pool covers, cladding, and a variety of other applications. Since the sheets are available in eye-catching colors and spectacular designs, designers can conceive innumerable ideas for landscaping, interior and exterior decoration and many others. Supreme quality cost-effective sheets make it economically feasible.

When you order good-quality sheets from reliable polycarbonate sheet dealers in Bangalore, it is guaranteed that they are manufactured from high-quality raw material using state-of-the-art technology. Each sheet has passed through stringent quality checks and it is zero-defect. They complement all types of décor and well-known for the versatility and adjustability. They are reasonably priced to give a great look to your property without putting much burden on the pocket. Use internationally recognized roofing solution that is durable and stylish.

Features of Polycarbonate Sheets:
  • Lightweight, weather resistance, UV coated on both the sides
  • Installation is very easy
  • Can be customized in order to match metal sheets
  • Availability in asbestos cement matching profile
  • Energy shavings and cost-effective yet highly impact resistance
  • Available in different thickness and colors
  • Stability, clarity and high tensile
  • Because of monolithic sheet high impact
  • Available in wider range of dimension to suite every requirement
  • Available in attractive textured surface
  • Superior light diffusion yet keeping the transparency intact
What makes these sheets preferred choice?
    • Easy and quick installation
    • You do not need highly skilled workforce
    • Customizability
    • Excellent matching with cement profiles
    • UV resistant, lightweight and sturdy
    • Great temperature tolerance
    • Energy saving  due to higher transparence and thermal insulation
    • Availability in a variety of colors and textures
    • High impact resistance
    • Customized dimensions and thickness

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