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Cement Grout 214 (GP2)

Sika Grout(GP2)

Sika Grout 214 is Most Desirable for Construction Industry

Filling the gaps is greatly important in a construction project. Using the right compound ensures that there is no leakage of water and no corrosion in the structure. Grout is one of the popular compounds for filling the gaps of honeycomb tiles, gaps or cracks in a concrete joint, and post-fixing of the gaps. Use of the Best Cement Grout 214 (GP2) makes sure that the building gets the required stability and strength.

Jaichittra Inc is a preferred choice for all varieties of building material. It is committed to excellence with superior quality material and excellent customer service. They offer Sika Grout 214 a leading brand of Grouts which is popularly used in India. It is a two-stage expandable grout that is high-precision, non-shrinkable expanding grout. Since it is a ready-to-mix powder, construction workers find it incredibly easy to use. They need to add just water to it.  Adjustable consistency and great flowing characteristics make it a widely acceptable grout in a variety of applications. Rapid strength development is the distinguished capability makes it the Best Cement Grout 214 (GP2).

Sika Grout 214 is commonly used in column joints, bearings, machine foundations in precast constructions. It can fill gaps, voids, and Grout cavities. Grout mixture can be enhanced aesthetically by mixing colors to it. Tiling looks excellent due to colored grout.  Excellent water protection occurs due to good quality grout. Also, it makes the structure stable and long-lasting. Non-shrink grouts are popular among modern construction engineers.
Grout is nothing but a mixture of ultra-fine gravel, water, sand and good quality cement. It is a thick and viscous paste that can be applied like emulsion paint. It gets hardened with time and offers excellent waterproofing and stability. It is a multipurpose solution that can be used on brick wall construction, wooden joints, tiles, and ceramic work.

Variety of Grout Mixtures

  • Tiling grout: Tiling grouts are useful for filling the gaps and voids between the tiles. Since it offers a great base, the tiles offer a great stability. Sanded and unsanded are two varieties of Tiling grouts. The earlier one contains fine silica sand. The unsanded version has a smooth surface. The two varieties can be enforced using polymer or latex compounds.
  • Structural gouts: It offers excellent stability to reinforced steel by filling voids and gaps. Non-shrink grouts create a surface between the plates and offer stability to the steel.

Application Procedure

It is extremely important that the surface is totally clean before applying Grout.  Accumulation of dirt, dust, and grease affect the bonding quality. There are patches and gaps on the surface. Remove all factors that inhibit bonding by mechanical and chemical means. The concrete quality has to be good. If there are anchoring bolts being used, then they have to be de-greased properly. Experts always prefer a surface that is absolute dry. Follow the cleaning instruction given on the pack.

Mixing can be done mechanically or manually. When one uses a mechanical device, then a low-speed drill is ideal. Some people use mixing paddles or mortar mixers to make it high quality. Water should be added gradually to maintain the right consistency. Mixing consistently with a uniform speed for a few minutes make sure that there are no lumps or bubbles. Avoid very cool or very hot ambience temperature because the mix doesn’t achieve desired consistency in extreme conditions. Let the mixture get settled for at least 15 minutes before application.

Curing is another critical aspect for better results. The wet cure for three days achieves good results. Trimming and shaping remove the excess material and brings a smooth finish.

Features of Sika Grout
  • High final strength development
  • High Precision, non shrink, expanding grout (GP2)
  • Easy to mix, only add water
  • Easy to use (ready to mix powder)
  • Very good flow characteristics
  • Adjustable consistency
  • Rapid strength development
Applications of Sika Grout
  • To grout machine foundations, bearing, columns joints in precast construction and so on.
  • To grout linchpins in concrete
  • To Grout cavities, gaps and voids in concrete.

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