3M Tapes

3m Double sided adhesive tape

3m Double sided adhesive tape

3M Primer 94 - Adhesion Promoter Strengthen the Bond

Quality and strength of Double-sided adhesive tape largely depends on the quality of a substance known as an adhesion promoter. It strengthens the bond and makes sure that the tape sticks firmly to the surface for a long time. The promoter makes changes to the surface of the tape and makes it more conductive for great performance. This change in the bonding surfaces enhances the pressure sensitivity of the adhesive and makes the bonding stronger and permanent. A variety of domestic and industrial applications of 3m Double sided adhesive tape in India are there.  They are reasonably priced, widely available and excellent in quality.

Jaichittra Inc is a leading distributor and supplier of all variants of 3m double sided tape India. The company earns a great reputation in the market. It offers top-notch products and incomparable customer service to a variety of clients ranging from individual buyers to corporate houses. Jaichittra has a team of dedicated and sincere professionals who take care of every single need of customers. The team believes in a long-term association.  Good quality adhesive tapes work perfectly well on a wide variety of surfaces. Buyers can select appropriate tape from the long list of variants displayed in the stock list.

What make Double sided adhesive tape so popular?

Flexibility and versatility are the two top-most qualities of adhesive tapes.  3m double sided tape India is being used in several applications today.  Since it has an adhesive solution on both sides of the medium (that is typically a tissue or synthetic film), stability increases manifold. The tape is easy for handling and application. The solution used in the adhesive is temperature resistant and pressure sensitive. Due to high shear strength, it is perfect for several applications. The tape can be applied manually or mechanically. Different tapes are there for different surfaces like foam, paper, metal and plastic, etc. There is a wide spectrum of fixed and customizable widths (from 12mm to 300 mm) in 30 to 50 meters long rolls. 

Surface preparation and fixing procedure

It is a generic guideline for preparing the surface before you affix the double-sided adhesive tape. It is important to read the instruction manual before application. A good surface preparation ensures great bonding.

  • The surface should be thoroughly cleaned using IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol of 50 percent concentration). Use a clean cloth or cotton wool for wiping out the surface.  Cleaning is necessary for all surfaces, but it becomes mandatory if you want to apply adhesive tapes on greasy and oily surfaces. In such cases, degreasing with a good-quality solvent should be done before applying IPA solution.
  • Scuff the surface to enhance the adhesion. Since abrasion increases surface area, adhesive tape works with incredible efficiency. Do not forget to clean the surface using IPA solution after scuffing. It removes dust, dirt and other particles from the surface.
  • Put the tape on one surface. Place the liner in the right position. Join the two surfaces by slowly removing the liner. Use rollers for applying an even pressure on the surface.  It removes air bubbles, and you get the perfect bond.

There are unlimited usages and applications of 3m Double sided adhesive tape in India. All industries need tapes of several dimensions and specifications. Right from automobile to pharmaceuticals and from clothes to machinery; all users need good quality tapes. 3M has earned a worldwide reputation for excellent quality tapes that give superior bonding quality and long-lasting service.  There are several dealers who offer bulk quantities of tapes to industrial and domestic buyers.  Double-sided tapes stick out nicely in a variety of applications.

Application of 3M Primer 94 - Adhesion Promoter
  • 3M Primer 94 works perfectly on concrete,polypropylene, polyethylene,PET or PBT, wood, ABS,glass, metal, blends and painted metal surfaces.

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